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Gas Compression Systems & Services
Gas Injection  Packages
Steam Generators -Install Enhanced Oil Recovery High Pressure Steam injection
Oil Drill Rigs, Equipment ,  Swabbing Rigs
Coil Tubing , workovers
Parts & Components
Artificial Lift ľ Jet Pump systems
Multiphase and three-phase Well Monitoring  
Equipments - Componets and Services for the Oil & Industries
Drill tools and Productions Equipment
Global Business Solucions to Heavy construction
and the Oil - Gas Industries.
High Pressure Pumps
-Well Control -BOP - SPOOLER'S
 Aftermarket  - BOP Rubber products
   Packer Elements , Top Seal  - Rams
-Well Control -BOP - Spooler's
 SK  Petro  BOP'S Distributor  
Engines Gas & Diesel
Air Compressor
Stand By Units  
Products Heavy construction & Mining
Products Oil & GAS
SOLID  Control   Equipment 
Mud Systems
Shakers      OEM  authorizes  representative Distributor  
Shale shakers, DecanteráCentrifuge, Desander, Desilter, Degasser,
Mud Cleaner, Mud Gas Separators Drilling Cuttings Etc
OEM  Direct Manufacture  rep  for  
2- 3 phase Separators
Vessel tanks - Cooling , Heat Exchangers ,
High Pressure Easels etc
OEM  Direct Manufacture  Master Distributor
Screw Centrifugal Pumps
One or Two Stage Centrifugal Pumps BB1-BB2   ( API-610)
High-Pressure Multi-Stage Pumps, BB3, BB4, & BB5 (API-610)

One or Two Stage Centrifugal Pumps BB1-BB2   ( API-610)   Brochure