Cc Max Corp. 2017
Steam Generators -Install Enhanced Oil Recovery High Pressure Steam Injection
CC Max Corp. can provide solutions and supply engineering and field services to boilers, steam generators, burners, combustion systems & water treatment systems.

Services include: The complete management of steam injection that includes the installation, commissioning, inspection, preventive maintenance, combustion analysis, troubleshooting of the system, fuel train and control upgrades.

CC Max Corp. is the Direct representative for leader companies in the manufacturing of Steam Generators for high pressure injection capable to produce up to 95% steam quality with ordinary water treatment plants. .
Fabrication under all the Industry standards ASME, PED, ISO 9001:2000 CE marking
220 MMBTU/hr, 5 pass OTSG
Global Business Solucions to Heavy construction
and the Oil - Gas Industries.
Products Heavy construction & Mining
Products Oil & GAS