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 Well Control -BOP - Spooler's
 High Pressure Pump
 Understand to compete an offer a complete package turn key the solution to be successful in executing complex project in the world of Drilling and Production required the support of other world class enterprises.
BOP (Blowout preventers) BOP inventory (disponibles en bodega)
 OEM- New - rebuild - Aftermarket

• Triplex drilling pumps (skid pump on wheels)
• TEE D 4x5 mud pump GD triplex pump equipped with 4" culminony plungers and a 5.85 to 1 three row 80 pitch chain reduction box. PUMP POWER:
New 6.7 litre, 250 h.p. Cummins diesel engine through a rebuilt Eaton-Fuller T905 manual transmission with new clutch. Pump is pre-charged by a new Mission 3 X 4 centrifugal pump driven hydraulically via PTO off the transmission

• Triplex well service / stimulation pumps
• Production pumps, skid or trailer
• Centrifugal pumps

Featured Manufacturers:

BOP - Annular Type
BOP - Ram Type
Double-Studded Adapters
Ram Blocks
Shear Bonnets/ Tandem Boosters
Drill Pipe
Choke Manifolds
Choke & Kill Line Wing Valves
Hydril, Shaffer, Cameron OEM & Aftermarket parts
Annular BOP
S Type Single Ram BOP
S Type Double Ram BOP
Global Business Solucions to Heavy construction
and the Oil - Gas Industries.
Wellhead Spacer Spools
Different sizes and pressure ratings are available. Call for custom manufacturing.
Size 4-1/16" - 13-5/8" 
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We can provide BOP spare parts with can supplyspecializes high quality, aftermarket Elastomers for the Energy, Oil, Gas, and Mining Industries.
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