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Connecting the Industries through Partnerships
C C Max Corp. build Strategic Alliances and partnerships thru the world to bring state of the art technologies to our customers worldwide.
We are a group of professionals highly qualify, with extensive experience in:
Diverse Energy tecnologies,
Heavy Construction Equipment
International trading and Global procurement.

Corporate supply
Sources of Supply - Reliable 
Strategic Acquisition , Operational, Emergency and Opportunity
Strategic Purchasing Agreements 
Integration and optimization of the Supply- Chain
Market Intelligence

Supplier Management
Quality - Products and Services, and compliance Procure
Materials and Equipment
Operations - Exploration, Production, Processing and Distribution of Oil & Gas
Tracking Logistics and Materials - Door to Door Service
Project Management
Technical and quality requirements
Technical Services
ABOUT C C Max Corp
C C Max Corp. was establish in Houston,
Texas. USA. Since 1991 to offer a complete service in the acquisition of goods and/or service at the best possible cost, in the Right quality and quantity, at the right time, in the right place and from the right source for the direct benefit of our international client.
renovations to billion-dollar projects, using a variety of delivery methods.
Houston, Texas USA

Phone: (713) 759-003
email: Sales@ccmax.us
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Global Business Solucions to Heavy construction
and the Oil - Gas Industries.
C C Max Corp. service all the following areas :